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Good Morning Dear by Hotah-Wahya
Good Morning Dear
Little doodle of Lilly and Shiruikin :) (Smile) - Lilly was previously owned by :icontazihound: and has been sold to Myself

Art (C) :iconkairi292:

Lilly & Shiruikin (C) :iconhotah-wahya:

And Special thanks to :iconanti-dark-heart: For giving :iconkairi292: The Idea!
TSoYS Page 3 (Revamp) by Hotah-Wahya
TSoYS Page 3 (Revamp)
Page 3 has been Revamped! All thanks to :iconkairi292: and :iconanti-dark-heart: This is just so amazing I can't express it <3. It's just so perfect.

Want to see the Pages earlier in W.I.P stages become a patron today…;!

Art: (c) :iconkairi292: and :iconanti-dark-heart: 

Characters and Story(c) :iconhotah-wahya:
Looking at the Distance by Hotah-Wahya
Looking at the Distance
First off holy hell this turned out hellamazing. This is a Commission I got from :iconkairi292: 

If you like to help out The Secrets of Yellowstone comic 
:) (Smile) - you can by becoming a Patreon Supporter!:…

I have a bit of a story to go with this.

***Note this is a bit of a spoiler for the ending of the novel.***

For once in my life I was finally happy. I had no more worries. Everything was as it should be. Life couldn't be any more perfect. I had a family who loved me very much. I had someone who I loved very much.  This journey has been such a great experience. It had it's rough patches but that's to be expected. All in all life was grand and I was happy to be  part of this experience. As of right now there's nothing that could go wrong. My mind was in a peaceful state. For now I could relax and really enjoy my new home how it was meant to be enjoyed~

Art: :kairi292icon:

Jack: (c) :hotah-wahyaicon:
I woke up the next morning in a state of shock. I didn’t know where I was. Looking around the room I shook my head and laughed a bit. It was still surreal that I was here. Looking at the clock it was only eight in the morning. Getting out of bed I headed downstairs. I was still in a bit of daze. Honestly I haven’t slept that good in a long time. It was really refreshing. Heading into the living room Tyler was sitting on the couch watching TV. I walked over and sat on the couch with him.
“Good morning Jack.” He said.
“Morning.” I replied.
“You seem puzzled. Is something wrong?”
“No nothing’s wrong. I still can’t believe that I’m really here. Yesterday was just one big blur. It felt like a dream.” I explained.
“I see. Well I can assure you it’s not a dream. You really are here.”
“I know that. I was just saying that. Did the others leave already?” I asked.
“Yeah they were gone by Six.”
“Wow, I guess I’m going to have to get used to that.” I said.
“If you want to go in that early then yes you will have to get up very early.”
“I want to help out as much as I can.” I mentioned.
“Alright then. So you ready for some breakfast?”
“Sure what are we having?” I laughed.
“I’m going to start you out with something simple this morning. A southwestern omelet.”
“Sounds good to me.” I said.
“You do know what an omelet is right?” Tyler smirked as he said that.
“Yes I know what an omelet is.”
“No need to get defensive. I was just making sure. Some people don’t know what that is.” I just shook my head. “Com on let’s get started.”
With that Tyler and I headed into the kitchen.
“Alright grab some eggs, the sour cream, peppers, onions and cilantro from the fridge.” Tyler said. I nodded and grabbed the items and set them on the counter. “Good. Now crack the eggs into the and put a little bit of sour cream in there and whisk the eggs and sour cream together.” I did as he said and cracked the eggs into the bowl then added the sour cream and mixed them together. “Alright what’s next?” I asked.
“Just set the bowl aside and chop up the onions and peppers.” Tyler said.
As I began chopping up the peppers Tyler smiled and came up behind me. “Here let me help you. I don’t want you to cut yourself.” Tyler grabbed my right hand with his paw. I shivered as he did that. “Firmly grasp the knife, don’t put your fingers near the blade. Don’t let the tip of the knife leave board.” Tyler then took hold of my left hand. “Take your fingers and bend them slightly so they’re like claws and put your thumb behind them so it’s out of the way. Push the pepper towards the heel of the knife and bring the knife down onto it so you get nice uniform cuts.” Tyler helped me at first before letting go and before I knew it I was doing it by myself. “There you go. A lot easier now isn’t it?”
“Yeah it is. Thank you.” I said blushing a bit.
“You’re welcome. Now do the same for the onion and we’ll go from there.” I nodded and carefully began chopping up the onion. In the meantime Tyler began heating up a pan with some butter in it.
“Alright I’m done with the onion.” I said.
“Good now throw the onion and pepper into a bowl and grab the bowl of egg and pour a little bit into the pan.” I did as Tyler instructed before grabbing the egg mixture and pouring some into a pan. “There that’s it. Now for the fun part. This may be a bit difficult but it gets easier as you do it.” Tyler smiled as he stood behind me. “Grab the pan and I’ll show you.” I blushed a bit as I felt his breath run down my neck. I grabbed the pan and he wrapped his paw around my hand. He lifted the pan up along with my hand. “Okay now slide the omelet away from you then flick your wrist so that the omelet flips.” Tyler guided me through this. I slide the omelet down away from me then flicked my wrist back. The omelet did flip over but it broke a bit in the process. “Not bad for your first try. Well all that’s left now is to put the onions and peppers into it and fold it.”
“Alright.” I grabbed the bowl of onions and peppers and pours some on the omelet before folding it in half.” Tyler grabbed a plate and I slid the omelet onto it. Grabbing some cilantro Tyler sprinkled it over top of the omelet.
“It looks great.” I said.
“I bet it tastes even better.” I smiled and cut off a piece of it and ate it. It was really good. “It is really good.” I replied. “Want some?”
“No that one’s yours. I can make my own.” I stood there and watched Tyler work his magic. He was so quick it was really quite stunning. Before I knew it he was done. “Come on let’s go sit down.”
“You make it so easy.” I said.
“Don’t worry you’ll become as fast as me after I teach you everything.” We headed over to the table and sat down.  
As we ate the two of us began to talk. “So Tyler what made you want to learn to cook and how did you learn?” I asked.
“Well I’ve always been interested in cooking so I basically taught myself. I worked at a few different places. Then as I said last night after I met Tyler I talked to him a bout it and well now here we are.” Tyler explained.
“Do you want to open up a bigger place?”
“Honestly yes, Sam and I have talked about it but there’s no building’s that have come up for sale. At least one that we’re looking for. Then again when we do get a bigger place we’d have to hire more people.” Tyler replied.
“Why is hiring new people a bad thing?”
“It’s not a bad thing per-say. It’s just that we as werewolves have a hard time trusting people.” Tyler answered.
“Yeah, that’s true. I forgot you mentioned that.”
“So that’s really our only other setback.” Tyler said.
“Don’t you think you guys could do it on your own?”
“Well with the six of us we could probably do it with three in the front and three in the back but we’d really never get any sleep then. Trust me you wouldn’t want to see a werewolf with little sleep.” Tyler laughed.
“I’d rather not imagine that.”
“It isn’t pretty I can tell you that.” Tyler smirked.
“Is the trust thing because you don’t want anyone you hire to know that you’re werewolves?”
“That’s part of it. The other part is that we want to be respected in the community. Friendly staff will keep the customers coming back as well as if the food is good. If the staff is mean or whatever then no matter how the food is the customers won’t come back.” Tyler said.
“I see what you mean.”
“So it’d be a difficult process hiring people that we can trust and as werewolves you can read humans very well. Most people that we interviewed didn’t make the cut. You on the other hand did. You were honest and you were very nice towards us. So we hired you.” Tyler explained.
“Thanks. It’s nice to know that you trusted me.”
“No problem and just think if we hadn’t had hired you we might not have ever meant and you might have never been brought here.” Tyler noted.
“It’s funny how things work out sometimes.”
“Yeah. So is there anything you’d like to do today?” Tyler asked.
“Just being here is good enough for me.”
“Are you sure. I mean we could go into town or something.” Tyler mentioned.
“Well maybe we can go for a walk.”
“There we go. I figured you’d want to get out for a bit.” Tyler smirked.
“I do and I don’t. I mean look at that view.” I said pointing towards the window. Past the window was probably one of the most breath taking sights I’ve ever seen. The house was in such a perfect spot. The house was overlooking the valley below and the surrounding mountains. The home itself was a log cabin and a big one at that. A normal house would be a bit out of place here.
“That view never gets old.” Tyler smiled.
“I can imagine. You guys must love it out here.”
“We do we really do. No one bothers us. We built this house ourselves along with the drive way that leads up to the house.” Tyler explained.
“How long exactly is the driveway?”
“About seven or eight miles.” Tyler said.
“Then how did you guys build the house way out here and how did you afford it?”
“We have our ways.” Tyler smirked rubbing my head. “Come on let’s clean up and then we can go for a walk. I nodded and we got to work cleaning up. After we were done cleaning up from breakfast it was almost ten. Still plenty of time in the day to do what we wanted. “Alright Jack you ready?” Tyler asked.
“Yeah are you going to stay in your werewolf form?” I questioned.
“I don’t see why not. It’s not like we are going to go that far.”
“I guess that’s one perk of living all the way out here.” I said.
“Yes indeed it is.” We both smiled and headed out the door.
We started out by heading down the driveway. It felt really good to get outside. I haven’t been outside in almost three days. I was kind of in a daze as I was walking I didn’t hear Tyler say anything until the second time he spoke. “So tell me Jack what do you do when you’re not working?”
“Huh? Oh sorry. I usually just draw or write really. I don’t go out anywhere. I lived a boring life honestly.” I said.
“What do you draw?”
“Scenery mostly sometimes animals.” I mentioned.
“I’d love to see what you’ve drawn when we get back.”
“I can show you. My sketch book is in my backpack.” I said.
“We can get that when we get back.”
“Alright and I already have something in mind to draw when we get back.” I said.
“Oh really? I can’t wait to see it.”
“I’m not very good. Amateur at most.” I sighed.
“Hey at least you try.” Tyler said patting my back.
“I know.”
“Come on let’s get back and have some lunch and you can show me your drawings.” Tyler smiled.
“Sounds good I’m getting hungry.” We turned and headed back to the house. Tyler had his hand on my shoulder pretty much for the entire way home. It felt as if he was trying to protect me from something. What it was? I wasn’t sure but he did and he didn’t want me to find out. I really didn’t pay attention to it to be honest.
Arriving home we went inside and went into the kitchen.
“So what are you hungry for?” Tyler asked.
“Whatever you want to show me.” I answered.
“Good answer I like you.”
“Thanks.” I said laughing a bit.
“Well how about a nice grilled chicken sandwich?”
“Sounds great.” I smiled.
“You’re so easy to please.”
“I’m not a picky eater so I’ll eat whatever honestly.” I mentioned.
“Good to know.” I smiled and watched as Tyler got everything out.
“Alright so for lunch I’m just going to show you what to do.” He said.
“Okay you sure you don’t want me to do anything?” I asked.
“No just watch. You’re going to make dinner tonight.”
“I’m what!?” I questioned.
“Don’t worry I have faith in you. You can do it.”
“I’m just starting out though.” I mentioned.
“I know. Just trust me alright. Trust in yourself.
“Fine.” Did I want to make dinner? Yes. Did I want to do it by myself? Not really but I guess if Tyler trusts me then I’ll do it.
“Alright first of we’re going do dip the chicken in Italian Dressing. Shake off the excess. Then set aside and do the rest. In this case it’s only be and you. So there’s only three pieces.”
“There’s only two of us though.” As I said that I looked up at Tyler who threw the extra piece of chicken into is mouth. Raw no less. He looked a bit silly to be honest. So I did laugh a bit.
“What’s so funny?”
“Nothing. It was just funny seeing you eat something raw.” I said.
“It’s what we do.”
“I know but just the way you just threw it into your mouth was just funny to me.” I chuckled.
“I see well will see who’s laughing when you taste raw meat for the first time.”
I laughed and just shook my head.
“Anyway after that just heat up your grill and through the chicken on. I’m only using the stove top grill for this example.” I just watched Tyler work smiling all the while. “Once the chicken is done throw it onto any bun you want and top it with cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. Simple as that and yet so delicious.”
“It’s fantastic.” I said.
“Well thank you. So after we eat can you show me your drawings?”
“Sure we have to get my backpack though.” I said.
“We can just look at them downstairs. There’s room.”
“Sounds good to me.” I replied.
After we ate and cleaned up we headed downstairs. I was quite surprised what I saw once down there. Though I guess in reality I should have expected it. There was a huge room with a pool table, old arcade machines, a popcorn maker, a big TV and a soda fountain. Really the only thing that’s missing was the movie theater and a pool.
“You guys have everything here. All that’s missing is a movie theater and pool.” I said stunned. Tyler smiled and pointed towards the door. “The movie theater is behind that door isn’t it?” I asked.
“No that’s the pool the movie theater is behind that door over there.” Tyler said pointing.
“Of course it is. Again how can you guys afford all this?”
“Well we’re kind of rich.” Tyler admitted.
“I figured that but how did you get all this money?”
“To keep it short. Sam inherited quite a bit of money from his parents. His parents were very good with money and knew how to invest. They made a lot off it. Enough to never have to worry about money.” Tyler explained.
“What happened to his parents?”
“I’m not sure he never really told me or anyone to my knowledge. I never really asked either.” Tyler replied.
“I see. I’d like to ask him but I’d be to afraid.”
“Don’t be afraid he won’t do anything to you.” Tyler reassured me.
“So let’s look at your drawings.” Tyler said as he handed me my backpack. I nodded and took my sketch book out of the bag and set the bag aside. I opened it up and began to look back at what I’d drawn over the past three years. Tyler was sitting next to me as I was flipping through the pages.
“Jack these are amazing.” He said.
“You’re just saying that.” I replied.
“No I’m being honest. These are amazing. They truly are. Why did you say you weren’t good at drawing?”
“I’m not good at drawing though. There’s plenty of people who are better.” I mentioned.
“No you are good at drawing. These are amazing pictures.”
“Thanks Tyler.” I said.
“You’re welcome. So what are you going to draw next?”
“I don’t know. I might go out and draw what I see around me.” I replied.
“Sounds cool. Mind if I watch?”
“Sure I never had anyone watch me before though.” I noted.
The two of us got up and headed outside. Sitting down at the table outside I set my sketchbook down and looked around getting the picture in my head. Tyler was sitting next to me. I then began to draw. I started with the background first, the mountains and the sky. Followed by all the trees before working on what was right in front of me. In total the whole drawing to me about an hour or so. When finished I was quite surprised with what I had done. It was almost exact match.
“Now that’s amazing. It’s like you’re a human photocopier. Where did you learn to draw like that?” Tyler asked.
“I taught myself really. I just drew what I saw. I kept at it for my whole life really. Well ever since I could hold a pencil that is.” I said.
“That’s really neat. What else can you draw?”
“Anything really. Why?” I questioned.
“Well can you draw me?”
“I can it’d take me a while but I can do it and it also depends on what form.” I said
“Just draw me in my werewolf form.”
“Sure. I can do that now if you want and if we have time.” I mentioned.
“We have more than enough time.”
“Alright what kind of pose do you want. Do you want to be sitting down standing up laying down, or something else?” I asked.
“I think I’ll sit down.”
“Okay, just pick a spot and I’ll get to work.” I said. Tyler nodded and went off into the grass and sat down. I went over and tried to judge where to sit to get the best angle. After looking for a bit I sat down. “Alright now just relax and sit how you want to be drawn. Tyler looked at me and smiled before looking up towards the sky with his arms behind himself. I smiled myself and began to draw. I started with a basic outline first before moving on to more and more detain. Starting to detail the head first I got a good look at all of Tyler’s markings to get an exact match or as best as I could. It’s not like he was complex I just had to get the shading right or else it wouldn’t look good. Moving on from the head I pretty much just worked my way down his entire body. It took a good hour and a half but it was finally complete. “Almost done Jack?” Tyler asked.
“Yeah I just have put in a little more detail.” I said.
“You don’t have to be perfect.”
“But I want it to be perfect.” I smirked.
“Hey I just want to give you a break.”
“Give me a break.?” I laughed.
“Yeah you’ve been drawing me for almost two hours.”
“I don’t need a break. Besides I’m done anyway. I just had to finish putting the details into the trees.” I said as I walked over to Tyler and sat down next to him. I opened up to his picture and showed him. “So what do you think?”
“It’s truly amazing. I can’t believe how much detail you put into this.” Tyler said.
“Thanks.” I said blushing a bit.
“Don’t mention it.” Tyler said hugging me. “Hey did you ever think about selling some of your art work or just doing it for a living?”
“Yeah I have but I just could never get the time.”
“Well you have time now so why not draw a few pieces and then sell them online or something?” Tyler asked.
“I guess it couldn’t hurt.”
“That’s the spirit. Now come on you have to start dinner.” Tyler said.
“Oh great.”
“Oh come on you’ll do fine.” Tyler smirked. I sighed, got up with Tyler and headed into the house.
“Alright so what am I making?” I asked.
“That’s up to you. I’m just going to give you a few things and let you go from there.” Tyler said.
“Great can’t wait.”
Tyler shook his head and headed to the fridge. He pulled out a beef shoulder, some carrots and sugar snap peas. He then went into the pantry and pulled out some potatoes.
“I want you to make something with these four things. You can add whatever you want. Just use what I gave you originally.” Tyler explained.
“Alright I’ll do my best.” I said.
“Good I’ll be here if you need anything.” I nodded and started thinking about what I could make. I looked at the beef and then thought I could just add some steak seasoning and throw the beef into the oven. I could also do the same with the potatoes. Looking at the carrots and peas I decided to keep it simple and just some some brown sugar and butter to them. Now that I had that planned I got to work. I started by preparing the beef. I grabbed the steak seasoning from the spice rack and sprinkled it on the beef. Setting it aside in a roasting pan I turned on the oven before starting on the potatoes; rinsing them off first before cutting them up and throwing them into a bowl with some salt, pepper, onion powder, rosemary, and a generous amount of oil. I tossed the potatoes around a bit before putting them onto a sheet pan. The oven beeped. I put the oven and beef in at the same time since they’d take about the same amount of time. The carrots and peas wouldn’t take that much time I cleaned up and went over to Tyler who was reading the paper. “See you could do it.” He said.
“Yeah I guess I could. I still have to work on the carrots and peas though.”
“Hey at least you came up with something very quick.” He smirked.
“I did. I hope it’s good.”
“I’m sure it will be. It’d be better if we ate the beef raw but I won’t put you through that.” Tyler chuckled.
“It really doesn’t bother me honestly. I eat me beef rare anyway.”
“Yeah but you’d get sick if you ate it raw. In your current state that is. Once you’re a werewolf you can eat anything and now worry.” Tyler explained.
“That’s a good thing.”
“It is.” Tyler laughed.
After about thirty minutes or so I got back up to start the carrots and peas. I started by cutting up the carrots and throwing them into a pot along with the peas. Going into the pantry I grabbing the brown sugar and then grabbed some butter from the fridge. I sprinkled a handful of brown sugar into the pot along with two tablespoons of butter. I stirred everything together and then let it go so the carrots and peas could get soft.
By the time the carrots and peas were ready the beef and potatoes were also done. All that was left was to eat. I set everything on the table and sliced up the beef.
“Smells and looks great Jack.” Tyler said.
“Thanks.” I said. I watched as Tyler took a bite of the beef. I was nervous to say the least. Well nervous was an understatement. “Mmm this is excellent. Perfectly seasoned.” He said. Well that was a relief.
“Thank you. I’m glad you like it.”
“I do. I really do. The potatoes are also excellent as well as the carrots and peas.” He smiled. It felt really good to hear that. I mean this is my first time actually cooking a decent meal.
After we were finished we both sat back. “Well Jack thank you for making dinner.” Tyler said.
“It was a lot of fun. Thanks.”
“Nothing to do now except clean up and relax. I nodded, got up from the table and started
“I’m positive.” I nodded and sat back down. I watched as Tyler quickly cleaned everything up, putting the leftovers in the fridge and the dishes in the dishwasher. “There all done.” He said coming back over to me.
“So what now?” I asked.
“I don’t know want to shoot some pool?”
“Sure why not.” We headed downstairs to the basement. Tyler racked up the balls. “You break.” I nodded lined up my shot and went for it. The cue hit dead on but I didn’t sink anything. Tyler lined up his shot and hit the cue. He sank three in one shot.
“Really?” I shook my head.
“Sorry. I’ve had a lot of practice.” Tyler smirked. I watched as Tyler sank two more before missing. “So tell me Jack. What made you want to draw?”
“It helped me relax honestly. Whenever I was sad or depressed I drew what I saw or felt that sort of thing. It’s not like I wanted to draw or a living. I don’t draw because I have too but because I want too.” I explained.
“Good for you.” Tyler smiled. I looked up at him and smiled back before taking my shot, finally sinking one in and then missing the next shot. “Thanks.” I said.
“Don’t mention it. Sounds like the others are home.” Tyler said as he sank the last few shots. I just shook my head and laughed a bit.
“Don’t worry you’ll get better with some practice.” Tyler smirked. “Come on let’s get up stairs.” I nodded. The two of us headed back upstairs and headed into the living room where everyone else was sitting down on the couch surprisingly as humans.
"Hey Tyler, Jack. You two have fun today?” Sam asked.
“I did. I learned a lot.” I replied.
“Good. Tyler’s a good teacher then.”
“He’s a very good teacher.” I said.
“I’m sure he is.” I nodded. “Hey I’m going to take a shower. I’ll be back down in a bit.”
“Alright Jack.” Sam said. I turned and went upstairs into my room. I took some fresh clothes out of my back pack and headed into the bathroom. Turning on the shower I stripped down and walked in.

Downstairs all of the others were talking.
“So how did he do Tyler?” Sam asked.
“He did well. I wouldn’t throw him into the kitchen just yet. He still has some things to learn.” Tyler replied.
“Maybe we can get him in there on a slow day to get some more experience under his belt.”
“That would be good for him.” Tyler said.
“Alright we’ll get him in there in a few days. He still needs his rest.”
“Yeah, that he does. He still seems really sore and honestly. I don’t think he’s used to being here yet.” Tyler noted.
“So now brings the question who wants to stay here with him tomorrow?”
“I will.” Alyx said.
“Alright then, that’s settled.”

I turned off the shower and stepped out before grabbing a towel and drying myself off. Putting on my clothes I looked in the mirror. All of my wounds were almost healed now and it’s been only two days. I’m still not used to being here yet. I mean in a way I am and in another way I’m not. It’s hard to explain how I feel honestly. Don’t get me wrong I love it here I really do but it feels weird. A good weird. I feel a special connection with everyone here. We’re all almost the same age. So that’s good and well we’re all werewolves. I should say they’re all werewolves. I’m not one just yet. I still have to decide on that. Would it be cool? Yes, yes it would be. Though it’s a difficult task to be one. I don’t know. It’s too much too think about right now. There’s other things that should come first. One of those things has been sitting in the back of my mind but I’m still going to wait to ask because I’m not too sure about it. I walked out of the bathroom, went over to my bed and sat down. Looking around I finally took it all in and smiled. I was home. It felt really great. I took a deep breath and sighed. For once I was happy. I never had to worry about where I was going to end up next or where I was going to sleep next or even when I was going to eat next. There was really no other words for this feeling expect that I was home. I got up and head back downstairs to be with my family.
The Camping Trip Part 2
Part 2 of my story The Camping Trip! Hope you like it.

P.S. This part is only 9 pages. As for a 3rd part. Who knows there might be :3 That may be a while before that happens though. I'm going to be working on the next chapter in my novel for a bit. It's going to take me a while xD


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Generally quiet and soft spoken, but if he gets to know you he can be quite sociable. He's very nice to anyone he meets, but if you get on his bad side then watch out and like most Werewolves he does have his moments. Really doesn't like to fight, but will if he feels threatened or if his pack is in danger. He's very intelligent and likes to give advice to those in need. He doesn’t like seeing the weak being attacked by those who are strong because of what he went through. Is very in touch with nature and his surroundings and will spend most of his days running around in the surrounding forest; when he's not working and also he likes to sit in the forest and take pictures or write some poetry but generally keeps that to himself.  He's also one of the lucky few who've been given the gift. He lives with Matt (Shirukin; the one that gave him the gift) and his pack because he was basically abandoned by his family. He looks to Matt and his mate Crystal as parents. Has a tattoo on his back which isn’t visible when he’s in anthro or feral forms. He’s of average build but he’s strong than he looks. Also has piercings in both ears which can be visible in all forms. People often underestimate him and try to start a fight with him; let’s just say he’s never lost a fight, but he intimidates more than actually fighting.

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Wolves are Survivors of the Ice Age. Their cousins the Dire Wolf weren't so lucky.


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