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Journal Entry: Fri May 23, 2014, 8:44 AM

Well starting tonight. I will be working on Chapter 8 of my novel (finally). After being stuck there for months I got myself out of the writers block. ^.^ I will also be going back to previous chapters and edit them a little bit. Not to much though. Since I'm happy with how they turned out. Though the story might take a different turn now. But That will come later on. What I plan to do is keep it as a battle between the wolves as well as trying to hide the secret from the humans. 

Edit: Now I've been asked if there's any plans for me to turn my comic/novel into a audio comic. The fact is I really don't know. For the time being I'm going to say no. I don't have the time to do that. The problem is I'm not the best at that kind of stuff let alone know what kind of voice recording software to use. Then the second thing is trying to find people who fit the voice and personalities of all the characters and also adding sound fx. Like howling rain etc. So that's that. If you would really like to see that let me know. That said this does not mean I'm opening auditions and do not bug me asking to hold a part for you. You will be turned away immediately before auditions even open. So yes that is all for now.

The word "human" comes from the word "humane." But we are not humane killing wolves. Why, fellow humans? I'm not proud to be called a human when our brothers are getting killed so ruthlessly. We are all family on earth, so why kill our family? Some humans don't see wolves as equals, but I do. I believe that wolves are our kin. They're beautiful creatures, yet so many of their pelts are stained by blood. Some people say that it's for the ecosystem and that they're overpopulating places like Alaska. Well, that goes for us too! They think that the wolves will upset the balance of nature?! Well guess what! We've already accomplished that! So why don't we just go kill ourselves and thin out the population?! It's the same thing. I mean, if we're able to kill wolves, it shouldn't be all that hard to kill the humans. What do you think, less humans? Nobody'd go for it, because the humans are far too important. Others would miss that human far too much. Well wolves have feelings for each other too. They feel the loss of a pack-mate and they take it hard. If an alpha wolf is killed, the pack is left in total chaos. It's like if someone killed President Barack Obama, the US would be a catastrophe.
And for what, humans? They're killed for no reason at all. Murder. It's called murder. Murder is wrong, and the way that we treat wolves is just sick. I love wolves, and I hate it when I see them getting slaughtered like that. It makes me sick to my stomach. If I could call humans one thing, it would be this: monster. We are monsters for doing this. We are better than this. I know that humans are not truly bad, but our actions are intolerable. It needs to stop. And it needs to happen right now. It's time to put my foot down and say that enough is enough. This needs to be read. Please, if you love wolves, then take the time to re-post this journal entry. Show your love and that you are a wolf on the inside. Wolves deserve a chance. Give them that chance by reposting this comment.

A good Read
There is much we could learn from wolves. Maybe they could help us get back our humanity.
Perhaps it was the eyes of the wolf, measured, calm, knowing.
Perhaps it was the intense sense of Family.
After all wolves are loyal partners, create hunting communities, and demonstrate affectionate patience in pup rearing.
Perhaps it was the rigid hierarchy of the packs.
Each wolf had a place in the whole, and yet retained his individual personality.
Perhaps it was their great romping, ridiculous sense of fun.
Perhaps it was some celestial link with the winter night that prompted the Wolf to lay his song on the icy air.
For the native people who lived with wolves, and the wolves that once ranged from the arctic to the subtropics, there was much to learn from...
Is it any wonder that the myths of many tribes characterize the wolves not as killers, but as teachers.
Take this to heart and think about it. It's not just wolves who teach us something, but all animals do. Each animal has their own personality. They each have their own ways of teaching us on how to be more in touch with our selves. Whether it be our spirit or something else. Animals are the true Original Teachers.
You are Welcome to repost this :)


-Hotah-Wahya :iconwolfhowlplz:

Some of my work

Foggy Morning by Hotah-Wahya
Dire Wolf Skull by Hotah-Wahya
Black Beauty by Hotah-Wahya
I'm Watching You by Hotah-Wahya
Bleh by Hotah-Wahya
I is Cute? by Hotah-Wahya
TSoYS Prolouge-Chapter 1 RevisedHi my name is Jack Mountain. Weird last name I know but it fits in the theme of the story. I am currently living in Yellowstone. Don't believe me? Well it's true. I am living in Yellowstone with wolves well I guess you can call them werewolves that can talk. I am now going to tell you how this all happened and so far living here has been great except for a few things, like the war we're fighting, well I wouldn't call it a war but I'll get to that later. So before where we begin I must ask, are you ready for an amazing story.  I will now take you back to when I was living with my "other" family.
"Jack, get your ass downstairs this instant." My mom screamed from the bottom of the stairs. I tried to ignore her but I knew if I didn't listen she would send my father up to get me. I wasn't really the favorite in my family. They usually just ignore me when I try to talk to them and when they do acknowledge my existence it's usually because I did something wrong. I sometimes got beat

Na'vi is not amused by Hotah-Wahya
Yummy Treats by Hotah-Wahya
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DevID by Hotah-Wahya

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Generally quiet and soft spoken, but if he gets to know you he can be quite sociable. He's very nice to anyone he meets, but if you get on his bad side then watch out and like most Werewolves he does have his moments. Really doesn't like to fight, but will if he feels threatened or if his pack is in danger. He's very intelligent and likes to give advice to those in need. He doesn’t like seeing the weak being attacked by those who are strong because of what he went through. Is very in touch with nature and his surroundings and will spend most of his days running around in the surrounding forest; when he's not working and also he likes to sit in the forest and take pictures or write some poetry but generally keeps that to himself.  He's also one of the lucky few who've been given the gift. He lives with Matt (Shirukin; the one that gave him the gift) and his pack because he was basically abandoned by his family. He looks to Matt and his mate Crystal as parents. Has a tattoo on his back which isn’t visible when he’s in anthro or feral forms. He’s of average build but he’s strong than he looks. Also has piercings in both ears which can be visible in all forms. People often underestimate him and try to start a fight with him; let’s just say he’s never lost a fight, but he intimidates more than actually fighting.

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Wolves are Survivors of the Ice Age. Their cousins the Dire Wolf weren't so lucky.


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